Reserved Plate Numbers

Reserved plate numbers for Converse County are:
  • Passenger 1-2500
  • Truck 1-2500
  • Commercial 1-500
  • Commercial Trailer 1-500
  • Motorcycle 1-1000
  • MPV 1-1000
  • House 1-1000
  • Little Trailer 1-1000
  • Big Trailer 1-1000
  • Handicap 1-50

Do you want a low plate number?

Reserved plate numbers stay with the owner unless they are relinquished to someone else, or are not re-registered at the beginning of a new plate series.

If reserved plate numbers change ownership, the Treasurer's Office requires this form to be filled out before it can be registered to the new owner.

At the beginning of a new plate series (every 8 years), owners of reserved plates have the entire first year to register their low plate numbers. Any plate numbers that are not registered by the cut-off date become available to the public, and the Treasurer will decide how to disperse them. More information will become available as we get closer to the next plate series in 2025.