County Clerk

Clerk to the Board of Commissioners

The County Clerk serves as secretary to the Board of Commissioners of Converse County. The Clerk prepares agendas and distributes the minutes from all meetings held by the Commissioners. Anyone wishing to be on the agenda should call for an appointment. The appointments are in half hour increments unless requests are made for a longer time frame. Agendas are updated up to noon on the Monday immediately preceding the regular session.

The Commissioners meet in regular session on the first Tuesday and the following Wednesday of each month, as well as on the third Tuesday. All meetings are held in the Commissioners Chambers in the Courthouse and begin at 8 a.m.

Generally, there are about 3 years of Commission minutes posted on the website. Anyone wishing a copy of the minutes that are not posted on the website can make a request to the County Clerk.

The Clerk also administers the applications and maintains the records for the various liquor licenses and/or malt beverage permits in Converse County.

Budgets, Accounting & Personnel

The County Clerk serves as the Chief Budget Officer for the County, and staff members assist in tasks related to accounting, payroll, fixed assets, and accounts receivable (for those accounts not covered by the County Treasurer). All tasks are done in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (WSS 16-4-120(c)).

Prior year's budgets are available in detail or by summary. Persons wishing copies must pay $1 per page.

Records' Research

Database information on microfilmed records of the Converse County Clerk's Office is available at Wyoming State Archives. Follow the link to access that information, as well as other databases in Wyoming.


The mission of the Converse County Clerk's Office is to provide courteous and prompt service to the public in all aspects of the duties given to the County Clerk through Wyoming State Statutes, as well as the policies set forth by the Converse County Board of Commissioners. As public servants, we will provide a welcome and pleasant environment to all customers seeking the services of the office.

Message From the County Clerk

Welcome to our web page. Our intent, in providing this information, is to cover the most frequently asked questions as they pertain to the duties of this office.

As you look through the various topics, should you not find the answer, please feel free to get in touch our with department. Also, should you have suggestions on how we can improve upon any of the services we offer, we would love to hear from you!

Staff members are assigned to specific topics but any one of the staff members will be able to assist with your requests.