Reserved Plate Numbers

Request a Reserved Number

The form to use to request up to 5 of the reserved numbers available is now open. We will accept requests via the form through March 22nd.

Click here to request a Reserved Number

Do you currently have a low plate number?

NOTE: If you have a low plate number and have already received the new plate style, you do not have to do anything!

Customers who currently own reserved plate numbers and have not received the new plate style have until March 1st to register their low plate number to a vehicle, or they forfeit the rights to the plates.
Reserved plate numbers for Converse County are:
  • Passenger 1-2500
  • Truck 1-2500
  • Commercial 1-500
  • Commercial Trailer 1-500
  • Motorcycle 1-1000
  • MPV 1-1000
  • House 1-1000
  • Little Trailer 1-1000
  • Big Trailer 1-1000
  • Handicap 1-50

Do you want a low plate number?

March 5th - A list of available passenger and truck plate numbers will be on this site and our Facebook page. You must be a Converse County resident, and may request up to five available plates through this web page. A resident may only make one request per plate number. 

March 22nd - Requests will close at the end of the business day.

March 23rd - Random drawings will be held for each plate number and winners will be notified in writing.

April 13th - Winners must register the plates to an appropriate vehicle by the end of the business day. There will be an $8.00 fee for vehicles that already display a 2017 series plate.